Python Developer

Gewijzigd op: 19-07-2022


For this role, we are looking for a Python developer eager to learn about Cloud Computing Services. You are already (a bit) experienced in working with complex application landscapes. You love to work in a microservice-based architectural manner. Furthermore, you strive to become an expert who knows how to make software applications run smoothly and securely inside a cloud infrastructure.


Who are we?

The internet never ceases to evolve, much like humans do ;-). New digital developments follow each other at a rapid pace. Keeping up is hard work. In this environment, Adivare thrives as an IT company. We’re proud of the platforms we have brought to life – online environments that are meant to bring back simplicity in everyday issues.

We offer people a helping hand in finding a job, renting a house, saving money and organizing their paperwork. Not only that, but we help concerned parents find the perfect babysitter and assist homeowners in placing their apartments up for rent. User Experience is the foundation for all of our activities, visible in every single line of code as well as each SEO-optimized sentence.

What you will do

Core areas you will work on:

  • Support and improve the company’s cloud infrastructure—we are heavy users of AWS Cloud, using 20+ services
  • Create and maintain Python micro-service applications, exposed through REST APIs, using Django and Flask
  • Perform and learn about high-end web scraping and web crawling
  • Support and improve automation processes, using Terraform and Python—our main tools to manage the AWS cloud infrastructure
  • Propose, design and implement security improvements
  • Support and optimize the daily deployment of new software versions
  • Set up CI/CD pipelines for GitLab

The development team

Our team currently consists of 7 junior, medior and senior experienced developers working on our highly automated platforms, building cool new features for customers while finding ways to keep complexity manageable over time. Your responsibilities will include development on our cloud-automation system, internal and customer-facing APIs, command-line tooling and working with different systems (from DNS to invoicing) managed in various configuration-management environments.

The team prefers to use Linux distributions for their development environments. We use a wide variety of techniques and programming languages, including Python(Django/Flask), PHP (Symfony), TypeScript (React, Vue), Tailwind CSS, NodeJS. For each project, we look at which programming language and frameworks are most suitable to use.


What we offer

  • A competitive salary
  • Ability to work part-time (3-4 days)
  • 13th months’ salary
  • Individual Choice Budget (IKB)
  • 8% holiday money
  • Fully catered lunch every day
  • 25 paid vacation days (at full time) plus the option to buy more
  • Frequently organized team outings to ensure of a day with many laughs and fun with your colleagues.
  • You will receive a travel allowance to cover commuting costs.
  • Unlimited ordering of professional literature
  • Gooooood coffee
  • Your private workspace with 2 or 3 monitors, 32GB and lots of SSD’s.
  • A refrigerator full of soft drinks
  • Snacks and baskets with fresh fruit
  • The chance to work on cutting-edge technology.
  • A fun and professional company culture based on the principle of freedom and responsibility


What you should bring to the table

  • Some experience as a Python developer, you know your way around a command-line interface.
  • You can speak either Dutch or English.
  • Reasoning skills and the ability to interact and assess complex systems.
  • Able to debug and troubleshoot - “I don't know” is never good enough.
  • Proficient in at least English speaking and writing.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment where production deployments take place multiple times a week.
  • Keen on experimenting with and implementing new technologies
  • Truly owning the job, and the responsibilities that come with it—taking initiative and demonstrating sound judgment.

Dienstverband(en): Fulltime, parttime